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All Categories > ITW Red Head > ITW RedHead-Epcon Chemical Adhesive Anchoring Systems > A7 Acrylic Adhesives: 28 oz., 10 oz., 8 oz. and 5 oz. > Item # A7-10  
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Item # A7-10, A7P-10 10 Fluid Ounce Cartridge

Price/Each $18.50

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Redhead A-7P adhesive anchor system in a handy 10 ounce size. This kit comes with the adhesive, nozzle and a adapter that allows you to dispense with a standard caulk gun. Extra nozzles are available 10 Fluid Ounce Cartridge with Nozzle

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2 lbs


Minimum order is $25

  • All weather formula
  • No drip, no sag, easy clean up
  • Fast & Easy dispensing, even 28 ounce cartridge can be hand dispensed
  • Fast curing time, 35 minutes at 60ºF
  • Not mix ratio sensitive
  • NSF 61 approved
  • Rods are easier to insert into the hole with A7 compared with other adhesives
  • Works in damp holes and underwater applications
  • Requires less adhesives - can be used in 1/16" oversized or 1/8" oversized holes
  • One formula for both hollow and solid base materials

  1. Disposable, self-contained cartridge system capable of dispensing both components in the proper mixing ratio
  2. Acrylic components dispensed through a static mixing nozzle that thoroughly mixes the material and places the material at the base pre-drilled hole
  3. Cartridge markings: Include manufacturer's name, batch number and best-used-by date, mix ratio by volume, ANSI hazard classification, and appropriate ANSI handling precautions

Acrylic Adhesive
  1. Two component methyl methacrylate adhesive, non-sag paste, moisture insensitive when cured, dark gray in color
  2. Meets ASTM C881-90, Type IV, Grade 3, Class A, B, and C with the exception of gel time and epoxy content
  3. Shrinkage during cure per ASTM D2566: 0.002 in./in.
  4. Heat deflection temperature, ASTM D648: 140ºF minimum
  5. Shelf life: Best if used within 18 months
  6. Compressive strength, ASTM D695: 10,300 psi minimum
  7. Pumpable at 0ºF without preheating


A7 Acrylic Adhesives/Dispensers
(PDF, 5890KB)

A7 Estimating Table
(PDF, 6744KB)

COLA Research Report 25867
(PDF, 1404KB)

Legacy Report for A7 Acrylic Adhesives/Dispensers
(PDF, 164KB)

Notice of Acceptance
(PDF, 243KB)

Official Listing
(PDF, 11KB)

COLA Research Report 25379
(PDF, 3676KB)

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