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All Categories > Taps & Dies > Threading Taps > Standard Hand Taps > Taper Tap, Machine Carbon Steel Hand Taps > View Items  

Taper Tap, Machine Carbon Steel Hand Taps

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Hand Taps are the most versatile taps for hand use, or for tapping under power. Hand Taps are popular for use in general machine tapping or CNC tapping. They are also appropriate for tapping the vast majority of materials in through or blind holed conditions. For Taper taps, add this: Taper Style - Starts the thread square with the work piece. For Plug Taps, add this: Plug Style - Generally used in thru holes For Bottoming Taps, add this: Bottom Style - Generates the thread to the bottom of the hole

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Tap Size

Tap Style


List Price

Dri-DWT0-80-T 0-80 Taper Tap Qual Tech 0-80 Hand Tap $2.02
Dri-DWT1-64-T 1-64 Taper Tap Qual Tech 1-64 Hand Tap $2.10
Dri-DWT1-72-T 1-72 Taper Tap Qual Tech 1-72 Hand Tap $2.10
Dri-DWT2-56-T 2-56 Taper Tap Qual Tech 2-56 Hand Tap $2.00
Dri-DWT2-64-T 2-64 Plug Tap Qual Tech 2-64 Hand Tap $2.00
Dri-DWT3-48-T 3-48 Taper Tap Qual Tech 3-48 Hand Tap $1.45
Dri-DWT3-56-T 3-56 Taper Tap Qual Tech 3-56 Hand Tap $1.45
Dri-DWT4-36-T 4-36 Taper Tap Qual Tech 4-36 Hand Tap $1.45
Dri-DWT4-40-T 4-40 Taper Tap Qual Tech 4-40 Hand Tap $1.45
Dri-DWT5-40-T 5-40 Plug Tap Qual Tech 5-40 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT5-44-T 5-44 Taper Tap Qual Tech 5-44 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT6-32-T 6-32 Taper Tap Qual Tech 6-32 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT6-40-T 6-40 Taper Tap Qual Tech 6-40 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT8-32-T 8-32 Taper Tap Qual Tech 8-32 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT8-36-T 8-36 Plug Tap Qual Tech 8-36 Hand Tap $1.20
Dri-DWT10-24-T 10-24 Taper Tap Qual Tech 10-24 Hand Tap $1.35
Dri-DWT10-32-T 10-32 Taper Tap Qual Tech 10-32 Hand Tap $1.35
Dri-DWT12-24-T 12-24 Taper Tap Qual Tech 12-24 Hand Tap $1.50
Dri-DWT12-28-T 12-28 Taper Tap Qual Tech 12-28 Hand Tap $1.50
  Results 1 - 19 of 19 1 
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