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Machine Screws Spiral Pointed Taps

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Spiral-Ponted Taps, or Machine Taps, were originated to solve the problem of tap breakage in through hole tapping. The machine tap shoots chips ahead of the cutting action, thus reducing loading and clogging in the flutes. They are recommended for use in through or blind holes which allow for chip accumulation in the bottom of the hole. Ideal for threading a wide variety of ductile materials, copper and copper alloys, brass and non-metallics

Spiral Pointed Taps are commonly referred to as Gun Taps

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Tap Size


List Price

DWT57009 0-80 Qual Tech 0-80 Spiral Pointed Tap $5.80
DWT57021 1-64 Qual Tech 1-64 Spiral Pointed Tap $5.85
DWT57023 1-72 Qual Tech 1-72 Spiral Pointed Tap $5.85
DWT57031 2-56 Qual Tech 2-56 Spiral Pointed Tap $4.95
DWT57033 2-64 Qual Tech 2-64 Spiral Pointed Tap $5.40
DWT57038 3-48 Qual Tech 3-48 Spiral Pointed Tap $4.00
DWT57046 4-36 Qual Tech 4-36 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.50
DWT57048 4-40 Qual Tech 4-40 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.25
DWT57051 4-48 Qual Tech 4-48 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.50
DWT57062 5-40 Qual Tech 5-40 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.25
DWT57064 5-44 Qual Tech 5-44 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.35
DWT57072 6-32 Qual Tech 6-32 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.70
DWT57076 6-40 Qual Tech 6-40 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.85
DWT57085 8-32 Qual Tech 8-32 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.70
DWT57089 8-36 Qual Tech 8-36 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.85
DWT57097 10-24 Qual Tech 10-24 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.70
DWT57104 10-32 Qual Tech 10-32 Spiral Pointed Tap $2.70
DWT57112 12-24 Qual Tech 12-24 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.10
DWT57114 12-28 Qual Tech 12-28 Spiral Pointed Tap $3.10
DWT57115 14-24 Qual Tech 14-24 Spiral Pointed Tap $5.90
  Results 1 - 20 of 20 1 
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